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Struggling to make it to last chair?

Worried about injury
this season? 

Afraid you won't keep up?


The most important thing you can do to avoid injury and squeeze all the fun out of your time on the hill is to be in as good as shape as possible.  To help make that happen, Mobilization PT has put together The Last Chair, a strength & conditioning program built specifically for skiers by Annie Ruffus, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and lifelong skier.  You'll be amazed by what a difference a little more muscle makes on the hill!

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  • Who is this for?  Any adult skier trying to get the most out of this ski season. Take advantage of this opportunity to go into each day on the hill prepared and confident.

  • Every week you will receive a ski specific strength & conditioning program delivered through an easy-to-use strength training app (take a peek at the app here).

  • The weekly workout sessions are designed with a mid-week emphasis to accommodate weekend skiers, but you can perform workouts on any days that work for you.


  • Join anytime. The program will run through the end of May for all you spring skiing diehards!

  • Gym membership helpful, but not required. Dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands highly recommended.

  • Cost: $49 per month, billed as a monthly subscription.  No minimum required, cancel anytime. 

Will You Keep Up This Winter?

When we prepare our bodies physically, we build a resilience and confidence that allows us to ski at a higher level.  A strong body allows us to let go of those fears of inability and injury.  We can push it a little further and keep up a little longer.  We can engage with the sport in a way that rekindles who we are, not remind us of what we're missing.  Will you be ready?

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