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Fitness Coaching
Uniquely Designed & Delivered by a DPT

Through activity we find our strength of character, our freedom, our confidence, our identity and our connection to others. When we are consistently active, we fortify the body against injury and disease and bolster our physical and mental resilience.  With exercise, we move better, we age better, we look better, and we feel just plain awesome.  

But what if you need a little more medical expertise beyond a personal trainer?  Enter the strength forward clinician who can bridge that gap between medical care and fitness.  As a doctorate-level physical therapist (DPT) and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS, the industry gold standard), I can provide expertise, accountability and that little medical handhold. You'll appreciate how bite-size exercise performed consistently allows you to develop the baseline strength necessary to safely perform the fun stuff (hello, weekend warriors). 


My fitness programs are individually designed with injury prevention paramount and tailored if medical conditions are present.  I use a strength training app that is easy-to-use and allows me to monitor your workouts as you go.  And if life gets in the way, I can make adjustments on the fly so that you don't have to stop moving.  

The Details:

  • Cost is $225/month, billed month-to-month.

  • 3 workouts per week are delivered through the TrueCoach app (video below).

  • Perform the workouts on your own time, in any location.

  • Workouts are designed to be time-efficient and easily accomplished.  The key to building strength is consistency, not overly aggressive workouts.

  • A gym membership is not required.  I design workouts around the equipment available to you.

  • You provide feedback after each workout and I monitor these results, updating the workouts accordingly.  

  • Other lifestyle habits can be tracked to help support fitness, including integration with the MyFitnessPal app.

  • First step is to book a free 15-30 min introductory phone call.  If this program is the right fit for you, workouts can begin ASAP!

Check out the TrueCoach app

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