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Mobilization SERVICES

Mobilization is a premiere service that provides convenient one-on-one care in our downtown Hampton, NH clinic or in your Seacoast home.  Care is provided by myself, Annie Ruffus, a doctorate-level physical therapist with 15 years of orthopaedic experience.  Rather than having patients jumping through hoops in the traditional healthcare system, I am able to streamline your healthcare experience from physical therapy diagnosis to treatment, addressing the whole body through a thoughtful, personalized model of delivery.  

As a cash practice, services are provided without the need for a physician referral (per NH's direct access laws*) and without insurance dictating treatment.  I arrive at a physical therapy diagnosis after thorough clinical examination and by using expert clinical judgement.  With up to one hour of direct one-on-one care per session, I can provide treatment and education efficiently for the entire body without the need for multiple providers.

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Don't feel like leaving home?  Mobilization provides mobile outpatient physical therapy services in your NH home (or office) within a 30 min radius from Hampton, NH.  You do not need to be “homebound” to receive physical therapy in your home.  This is the perfect solution for the following types of folks:

  • Busy working adults or students

  • Caregivers without coverage for children or dependent adults

  • People seeking one-on-one care in a private, quiet setting

  • Individuals who do not have transportation

  • People who want to minimize exposure to COVID-19 or other infections

*NOTE:  A detailed medical receipt for physical therapy services (called a superbill) can be provided should you wish to submit a claim. Please call your insurance prior to receiving treatment to determine if a physician referral is required for reimbursement of this claim. Per NH law, Mobilization is required to refer a patient to an appropriate healthcare provider under the following conditions: If the PT feels that the patient's care goes beyond the physical therapy scope of practice, if physical therapy treatment is contraindicated, or if the patient shows no documented progress within the first 25 calendar days of therapy.

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